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Visoka klasa d.o.o.
H. Macanovića 45
10000 Zagreb

tel.: +385 1 38 37 974
mob.: +385 91 55 123 08


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Meet us

Why Zagreb4U

We are here to meet the needs of Croatian as well as foreign clients who search top-quality services related to tenancy and property management as well as regular real estate services connected to renting.

We are a team of professionals with a background in the field of real estate with and experience providing services to international clientele. We provide comprehensive set of services through one single point of contact.

We believe that working with us will be a pleasant experience for you, be it finding and enjoying a rental property of your choice or securing a tenant and taking care of your property in Croatia.

Ideal property management company

Should be in control
Your property should be rented for the best possible market price, all bills should be paid on time and all authorities should be informed according to the official requirements. Technical checkups of the property as required by law should be done in time. All problems that arise must be solved immediately.
Zagreb4U will cover your duties as a landlord to the full extent.

Should keep you informed
You should always know what is happening with your property and have all relevant documentation available electronically. You should never ask for information, it should always be there for you.
Zagreb4U will keep reports on all financial transactions as well as activities linked to your property and you can access all this information anytime through web access.

Should keep you involved (and only to the level you require)
If things go well your involvement should be minimal. If there are some issues that need to be solved it is the job of the PMC to get more involved and keep you informed about all details so that you can make the right decision at all times.

At Zagreb4U we value our clients and we put them in the center of our interest. When there are challenges we consider it automatic to communicate and mediate everything in a timely manner.